Hi! Welcome to my website. I’m glad you are here! This place is a work in process, just like me. I’ll be transitioning to a new website when I release         How to Survive a Poison Apple, the album(!) in April.

We’ve laid down most of the tracks for the new album in December, working with Ben Bernstein and Petting Zoo Studio in Oakland, CA. It’s an electric album! We’re adding bass and drums and a choir next!

I’m booking How to Survive a Poison Apple in schools, churches, colleges, community centers and eating disorder treatment centers for fall, winter and spring. Book your show now!

I’m excited to present How to Survive a Poison Apple at the upcoming              iaedp symposium in Phoenix, AZ on March 19th.

Thanks again to all for your support in my recent GoFundMe campaign! We went over the mark.

PS: I’m going to be transitioning to a brand new website soon, pardon my dust…