About Mindy Dillard

Mindy Dillard wrestles hard-won truths from the jaws of difficult situations and presents them with electric energy and a crystal-clear voice. Mindy started her performance journey as an actor in Salt Lake City, UT, before becoming a musician and singer-songwriter in Portland, OR. She now resides in Berkeley, CA. Her latest project is a solo show, “How to Survive a Poison Apple,” written as part of her M.F.A. thesis at Goddard College. In this interactive musical show, Mindy plays electric guitar and uses loops and samples to create story soundscapes that draw the audience into her world. Mindy adapts fairy-tale images to comment on the contemporary world of advertising and peer pressure. From there she leads the audience through brave examinations of the fear of being imperfect, the complexity of body image and the pursuit of fullness.